CrossFit Captatrix

Captatrix is Latin meaning 'One Who Strives'  Our clients are striving to be the best versions of themselves and we are striving to provide them with the most effective, efficient, challenging and SOCIAL workout around.  Our community offers motivation, support, and even a little friendly competition if you want. We like to consider ourselves more of a family than a gym. We call the facility a box because we are not your typical gym.

We offer small group classes led by a certified trainer who will motivate you to perform at your best.  Each class is designed to challenge you physically and mentally.  We strive to bring elite fitness to all individuals, regardless of their current fitness level. If you think you need to get in shape before trying CrossFit you're cheating yourself. CrossFit is what helps you get in that condition. All workouts are infinitely adjustable to meet each individual's needs.  Beware, we are not a globo-gym!  We have no ellipticals, no smoothie bar, no mirrors, very little heat, no air conditioning, and no excuses!!!  Just an intense workout designed daily to suit each individual's needs.  It's not easy.  You will leave each session feeling exhilarated and exhausted at the same time.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to expect more from your workout! We have classes daily in the early morning, afternoon and evening, and we're pretty laid back about being on time. Check the schedule and drop in to see us. Or call to get more information.

B St and 4th Ave
Jeffersonville, IN 47130 (view larger map)