CAP Elite: Sports Performance

We call our athlete training programs CAP Elite.  If you want to be your best you have to train like it.  

Regardless of your sport, success boils down to sport specific skill and athletic skill.  Your sport’s practices are designed to improve your sport specific skill set, and to a lesser degree your athletic skill set.  It is our goal at C.A.P. to give you the best opportunity possible to improve your athletic skill set.  It is our belief that all the sports skills in the world won’t matter a bit without the athletic base to use them effectively.

Athletic skill can, in our opinion, be broken down into five interrelated parts.  Strength, Speed, Power, Balance, and Agility.  A few parts without the others are less effective, and one part alone is almost useless.  You can have all the speed in the world, but without the ability to change direction effectively or use the speed under pressure, you can not be effective at your athletic endeavor.

We offer classes in a small group setting. Large enough groups to help motivate, small enough to get the individual attention you deserve. Ask about our team discounts.

We are proud of our athletes that are now playing at some of the highest levels. College athletes in Basketball, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Wrestling, and Swimming.  High School Sectional, Regional, and State Champions! High School All State Athletes! College Conference Champions and All Americans!